Traci’s Amazing Transformation

traci's transformationJontue has been an inspiration to my health and well being. With his dedication to educating me on proper nutrition and providing constant workout challenges, I dropped my marriage/baby weight, in addition to toning. He changes routines and pushes you to your fullest ability to ensure you are getting results. I cannot thank him enough for the guidance, education and support on my journey to being fit again. I can truly say this has been fitness at it’s finest!!!  Traci G., Haslet TX

Christy’s Story of Accomplishment

In December 2008, I was the maid of honor in my sisters wedding.  Later, when looking at the pictures of the wedding, I was disgusted with how I looked and felt.  Upon seeing the pictures, I made a decision to do something different with my life.  I was tired of feeling and looking the way I did.  I had no confidence or self-esteem and was utterly miserable.

I began training with Jontue twice a week, and with Jontue’s assistance, we began strictly monitoring my nutrition.  Within a few short weeks, I began seeing small results; which only fueled my determination more.  I continued to see results and after 3 months, I had lost 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes.

Because of Jontue’s fundamental approach to training and teaching.  I have been able to successfully keep the weight off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the last year.  My confidence and self-esteem couldn’t be higher and I can honestly say that I am happy today.

Christy S., Valley Ranch TX

Jontue if it had not been for your boot camp here in the neighborhood I would have never met so many wonderful people. You pushing us to keep going when we didn’t think we could and your skills Wow they are amazing just what you have taught me and SRRC I am starting to like my body more and more every day.

Mary C., Haslet